My guest for The Happy Hour # 249 is Allie Casazza. Allie is the host of The Purpose Show podcast, course creator & world-renowned mom inspirer. Allie spends her days working from home with her husband, Brian, playing Super Nintendo with their four kids, and reading loads of books. She's been featured for her realistic philosophy of minimalism on popular media like Good Morning America, ABC News, and The Jenny McCarthy Show.

Allie and I start off the show talking about decluttering! You are not only going to love hearing Allie's tips for simplifying dishes and laundry, but we also discuss how decluttering your life physically can impact your life spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. You'll be so inspired hearing her own story of how decluttering didn't just make her house neater, but created more space and time for the things that truly matter. After hearing the stories she shared of the impact of delcluttering on her clients' marriages, careers, and joy in the everyday, I pretty much told Allie she must come hold my hand to do all these things! Allie then opens up about her struggle with post partum depression and how she worked through it. I am so thankful to Allie for sharing her story and her important message that we need to talk about post partum depression and how we can check in with the new mommas in our lives.

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