My guest for The Happy Hour # 238 is Jennifer Welker. Jennifer is a former Neonatal ICU nurse turned founder and designer of the jewelry brand, Golden Thread. Golden Thread is a luxe line of personalized and dainty jewelry that's been featured in magazines like Vogue, In Style, & People Style Watch, and is a celebrity favorite. Jennifer and her husband Ellis reside in Houston with their three children (and one on the way!)

Jennifer and I start off the show talking about how her business Golden Thread started out as an outlet to deal with the grief she encountered while working in the NICU. Jennifer then opens up to share how deep wounds in her childhood led her to live life with a self savior mentality – one where on the outside everything looked “normal”, but on the inside she was empty. She tells us how this spiraled downhill fast as she entered into an affair that would last years. I appreciated so much that Jennifer gives us the raw truth about the darkness, codependency, and toxic addiction that the affair was. I know you will be so moved as you hear Jennifer speak of when she hit her lowest, and the moment she tangibly felt God remove the scales from her eyes. Infidelity is not something that is often openly talked about, but friends, let us not get trapped in the lie that it only happens to “those” people. We are all in this boat together, and Jennifer's story is one we can all relate to, because her story speaks the truth that we are all in need of our savior, Jesus.

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Jamie Ivey