Oh my word this might have been one of the hardest years of my entire life! We have had so many ups and downs this year that somehow I'm not sure how we made it. For my own personal reflection I'm giving a low down of what happened this year at the Ivey casa:

Fedna joined our family for 9 weeks. One of the best things we've ever done and hardest all wrapped up in one.


both the kids files went into MOI. Unfortunately as I type this Amos' files are still there. Yeap that makes it 11 months and counting. Oh we're praying Jan 2010 brings good news to us about his file!

Aaron to Haiti with Compassion. He got to hang out with Amos and meet Cayden's sponsored child Wonsli.

compassion-international  5062

I led a team to Haiti in March. One of these girls is now back in Haiti for the second time since this trip! I love how Haiti changes people.

group with howerton

Aaron went in the studio to work on his new cd. Oh how studio times stretch me. I'm not a fan of recording a record. It is long and takes my husband away from me not only physically but also emotionally. BUT the end is always worth it. He created some amazing music and for that I'm super proud of him!

Cayden graduated from Pre-School!


Story got out of MOI and got her passport this summer!

Cayden played flag football for the first time and their team won the championship.  OH yeah baby!


We went on a band vacation to Fredricksburg!


We sent our first child off to kindergarten!


Aaron led a team to Haiti from our church.

Aaron went to El Salvador with Compassion.

I went to Haiti to visit the kids and a week later flew back to FINALLY pick up our daughter!


Story finally came home on October 23 and went straight to hospital with meningitis.


Deacon was diagnosed with RRP & had his first surgery 2 weeks later.

What a year it has been. Many happy and sad tears have been shed this year. We're only asking for ONE THING in 2010 and that's for our son, Amos, to join his family forever and COME HOME.

Jamie Ivey