I recorded the 2008 spelling bee and have been watching it little by little each night. Aaron has made fun of me for getting into this and refused to watch it with me! I guess he's not into educational stuff!! Anyhow, tonight I finally finished it and I felt a big sense of pride for this winner. What an accomplishment. Sameer Mishra is the BEST speller in the country.

You can go here to see all the contestants. I would be such a proud mom if my son or daughter were in the National spelling bee. Then again, all the kids parents looked super smart too!

I found myself wondering if I would enjoy my kid being the spelling bee champion as much as I would enjoy them being an all-star athlete. Honestly you don't want to know the answer that I came up with.

So, congrats to Sameer and the other finalist. You are ALL winners in me eyes!!!