Sometimes it doesn't take much to make my day! Isn't that fun when you don't need a lot to make you super happy!

Tonight at the sports camp a man asked me what sports I played in high school. I told him I played basketball and ran track. I asked him why he asked and he said …. here it comes … this is what made my day …. hold on to your seats …. he said ….. “I HAD THE LOOK OF AN ATHLETE!” ….. yes you read that right. this 31 year old, out of shape mom looks like an athlete! Oh I had a little more pep in my step for th rest of the night!

The second thing that made my night was an email from our adoption coordinator telling me that Story's passport has been made and it will be printed next week. Oh my word this is exciting! I hope to hear next week that indeed it was printed. You just never know!