I was not aware of the schools opening late this morning and yes I was at school on time (well about 2 min late!) this morning and NO ONE else was there! UGH! Usually I check my email every morning before getting ready but I was running super late this morning and didn't check it. I wish that I had because at 5:10 am I received an email from the tv station with the school closings.

C cried when we drove by the school and didn't go. I couldn't explain to him the closing and honestly didn't understand it myself either. Beautiful blue skies, no snow, cold temps, but still it didn't make sense to me. I mean I'm not complaining but I just wish I would have known and could have slept in a bit, since I had to wake both boys this morning for school.

So, we got home about 10 min ago and will leave in about 10 min to head back to school since they are just opening late. Oh well.

This happened to me about 4 years ago when I was driving to school and had no idea a tornado had blown through the night before and no one was at school. The was a tree down in the parking lot though!

Lesson learned. Check email every morning – you never know what you'll get!