I did it!  I threw it out and lived to tell about it.


It was just as Bob had warned me …. I wasn't the only one and there was hardly anyone there watching!!!  There 3 of us and the two guys went first.  I was last and so happy not to be first!  I scooted up quite a bit.  And by quite a bit I mean that I was half way to the catcher from the pitching mound!!!


Guess what?  I made it to him.  It didn't bounce.  It didn't hit the mascot, like the guy in front of me almost did.  It didn't go way into the sky.  It didn't go in the 3rd base dug out.  It went to the catcher!!!  I was so proud.


The people at the Round Rock Express are top notch.  George and Laura were so great to work with and so gracious and nice to me and my whole family.  My kids had a blast and we actually made it through the whole game and stuck around to see some awesome fireworks!  That was the kids favorite part of the whole night.


From the fourth inning on we spent our time at the kids play area.  I mean who can beat watching the game from the kids area while enjoying a cold, adult beverage and some tasty friend pickles!

So it looks as though Bob, Bender & Eric's advice paid off and I made it to the catcher w/ no problems!!!


If you are looking for some fun family things to do this summer you must add a Round Rock Express game to your agenda! A great night that my kids will surely remember and so will I!



Jamie Ivey