My Fall is booked and I'd love nothing more than to see your face at an event where I'll be speaking. Traveling to different conferences and churches is a gift from God that I'm so very grateful for. Meeting podcast listeners and book readers are truly one of my favorite things. I'm a hugger too, so if you come up to say hi to me, and you totally should, I will bring you in for a hug. It's just what I do.

This Fall I'll be with LifeWay Women for their Abundance events and we're spanning the country with Richmond, Virginia, Portland (not listed in this pic because it's in November) and Dallas. These events are fun to bring your girlfriends too. I'm the emcee for the day, plus at most events, I host a lunch hangout as well. Some of the other speakers joining us are Christine Caine, Jennie Allen, Jen Wilken, Jackie Hill Perry, and many more lovely ladies! Get your tickets HERE.

I'm also super excited about speaking at the ERLC National conference that will be held in Dallas, Texas this year. I'm a fan of all that the ERLC does and have had the privilege of working with them before, so I'm confident this conference will be just as amazing as the other ones they have done. This year they are focusing on the family. This conference is designed to equip families to see that all of our family stories are shaped by the ultimate story of our lives, the gospel

Wanna know something else fun about this event? My husband, Aaron Ivey, will be leading worship. I know I'm biased, but I'm certain he is one of the best worship leaders in the country! Join Beth Moore, Jen Wilkin, Trillia Newbell, Christine Hoover, and so many more amazing speakers at this event. Go HERE to get your ticket, and use the code SPEAKERSAVE25 for 25% off your ticket by the end of this week!

Another conference I'll be speaking at in October is the ETCH FAMILY MINISTRY CONFERENCE in Nashville, TN. ETCH stands for Equipping the Church and Home. LifeWay’s ETCH Family Ministry Conference is designed to excite, inspire, and engage your Kids, Student, NextGen, and Family Ministry teams. I'm excited to join this team of speakers including Lisa Harper, Ellie Holcomb, Dorena Williamson, and so many more! Get your tickets HERE.

Seriously, if you are at one of these events please say hi! I truly love meeting you and thanking you for listening and reading everything I produce. See you this Fall!