Kat Harris joins me today for The Happy Hour #177. Kat is a Brooklyn-based photographer, educator, and Co-Founder of the online magazine The Refined Woman.  Her mission is to empower women to embrace their beauty, identity, and value through the art of story telling.

As you'll hear in our conversation today, Kat believes life happens in the in-between, and that there is no such thing as having ‘arrived'.  We talk about the idea of sustainable transformation and how she believes every opportunity is an opportunity for growth if we choose it to be.

Kat shares all about being single and a virgin In New York City and how she fights to trust God in her singleness. She talks about her conviction to abstain from sex until marriage, what the Bible says, and how she plans to endure in a culture and city where it's not celebrated.

I loved my conversation with Kat so much, and I just know you will too.

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