I just realized that my four year old son has 16 pair of shorts for the summer.  WHAT?  Who needs 16 pair of shorts?  I love hand-me-downs and was recently blessed by my friend Christie with lots of great stuff.  I thought about giving some of the shorts away and then reminded myself that in 2 years I'll have TWO four year old's!!!!  I'll keep them and then send them off to Haiti when we're done with them.  🙂

Before I had kids the thought of second hand clothes grossed me out.  I said I would never make my kids wear hand-me-downs.  Oh how things change when you have two kids and it cost money to restock their closets each season since they grow so much each year.  I know love hand-me-downs!  My friend Angie is handing me down lots of girl stuff too, so I already have a bin going for Story!  Love it!  Alison blessed me tons before I went to Haiti in January and Story was looking super cute while I was there.  I also love to bless people with hand-me-downs.

What about you.  You like them? Appreciate them, or feel weird when someone offers them to you?