that's what the next 13 days of my life will be. I have thirteen days until I'm supposed to run 13.1 miles. Oh my word this might be miserable. I have run a half marathon before, but never with this little of training. The last time I ran was officially 17 days ago and that was a lousy 3 miles. My longest run this far has been 9 miles and that was 30 days ago. Oh my gracious just thinking about all this nonsense is making my lungs hurt!

Here's my training schedule for the next two weeks:

Sunday (10/10) – Rest

Monday – 3 miles at 10:18 pace

Tuesday – 3 miles at 10:18 pace

Wed – 4 x 1 mile repeats at 8:15 pace

Thur – 3 miles at 10:18 pace

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 11 miles at 10:18 pace

Sunday (10/17) – Rest

Monday – 3 miles easy 10:30 pace

Tues – 3 miles easy 10:30 pace

Wed – 5 miles w/ 3 @ 8:54 pace

Thur – 3 miles at 10:30 pace

Friday – rest


I am starting to get really down on myself about how awful this race will be. For one thing my pride is getting way out of control. There will be people at this race that I know. I want to do well. I want to show them that I am a runner. I am really not a runner, but I would love to try and convince them that I am!

I got my new Runner's World magazine this weekend and of course flipped all the way through it. I am so inspired when I get that magazine. I truly want to go run as soon as I'm done looking at it. I found a race that's in NYC next November. I found myself wanting to register for a FULL Marathon in NYC. Partly because I was just there and realize how cool it would be to run through the city, and party because I just want to be a runner. I want to run a marathon, but when push comes to shove I'm terrible at training. I get lazy. Life gets crazy.

So, I'm going to try and get in as much running as I an in the next two weeks, but I'm also having to just “let it go” and realize that I can run a race and just have fun. I don't have to try and have a personal best time, and I don't have to try and beat everyone around me, I can run a race and just have fun. So my motto for this race is going to be to have fun and have fun!

Anyone else training for something? Is it going well, or crappy like mine?