For as long as I have been alive I have always wanted to be a momma. It was something that was always important to me, and in God's great plan he has appointed me to be the momma to the four best kids in the world. Thirteen years ago when I married Aaron I could have never imagined our life as it is today. We knew we wanted kids, but we never imagined the ways that God would have brought our babies to us. We didn't think about adoption, and I had never even heard of the country a few hundred miles off the coast of Florida where two of my kids would come from. I couldn't have even dreamed up our parenting journey if you would have asked me to.


The funny thing is that although I would have never imagined our road to parenting, I can think of nothing better than this. I can't imagine any other kids for myself. I can't imagine any other way to becoming a momma. I can't imagine any other way.

Being a momma is hard work. It's emotionally draining.  You want the best for your kids, and sometimes you feel as though you would do anything to protect them and help them grow into who they are supposed to be. It's physically draining. You are working non-stop on very few hours of sleep. It is spiritually draining. I have never felt like praying for anyone as much as I do for my kids. Their lives and well being are constantly on my mind. It is hard.


I want big things for my kids. I want them to grow up in a happy home. I want them to grow up knowing how much they are loved by me. I want them to grow up knowing that God has a specific plan for their lives and loves them more than I could ever even possibly try to. I want them to feel safe in our family and loved by all of us. I want them to love their siblings with a fierce love. I want them to know Jesus in a special way. I want them to grow up to be people that give more than they take, and that put others feelings ahead of their own.


My list of accomplishments is not very long. I haven't won a lot awards in my life. I haven't given any acceptance speech. No buildings are named after me, and there are no trophies on my wall.

But my four kids are better than any award, trophy or accomplishment. These babies mean so much to me, and they are all perfect for our family. God knew what he was doing when he put together the Ivey Family, and I'm so honored to have Cayden, Amos, Deacon & Story call me their momma.