Eleven days and the next Happy Hour Live will be here! Every single time we do these events I start to go through every single emotion possible for one human being as the date gets closer and closer. One minute I'm giddy with excitement and the next I'm wrecked with worry over the possibility of rain. It feels weird to worry about rain at our event after what we have all watched happen to South Texas this past weekend, but none-the-less it's still a worry.

I will tell you this though. For all of you 250 women that will make your way to Green Acres for this event, we are so excited to host you for the night. We are confident you will love your time here, you will meet new friends, you will laugh hysterically, you will be challenged to love Jesus more, and you might even cry.

Our desire for these nights to is to provide an awesome environment for women to have fun, spend a night away from their usual responsibilities, and to be able to sit in on a conversation between the guests on the stage. Which as usual the guests are amazing this time!

If you are going to join us, I hope that those things all happen for you! If you can't join us, don't worry we do these two times a year and they get better every single time and so you can hopefully join us another time!

In the mean time, enjoy this video from last September's event: