Today was the Franklin Classic race benefiting Mercy Children's Clinic. Two years ago Jimmie and I ran this race and had a blast. Today it was Jimmie, Laura and myself. Aaron would have run, but we have two kids and we weren't sure how to work all that out. Next year we'll both do it!

I did much better today with my pacing. My first mile was 8:46 and I continued to run closely to that for each mile. The first half of this race was continuous up and down hills. I thought I was going to have to walk, but fortunaltey somehow I ran the whole thing. My finishing time was 54:26 and I placed 11th in my age group. 🙂

It was fun and now we're all lazy doing nothing since we were up at 5:30 this morning!

Here are the pictures to prove it!

Before the race:
Jimmie & Laura

Jamie & Laura before race & don't worry that is Jimmie's finger in the picture too!

Before the race we met the Mix 92.9 Moose! Little Boy didn't want a picture with him!

Jimmie will kill me for this, but in this picture you see track-star-queen Laura in the pink beating Jimmie!

During my race this went on …
Snack time behind bars!

Fun on the jumpy things … I hear Little Boy did them, but there is only one picture to prove it and it is blurry!

Then there is me finishing the race … don't I look tired! My stride looks so small, but I can promise you I did have a little left at the finish line!

Here are the finishers – this was right after my race so I'm glistening still!

After the race the real fun began! Face painting, balloons, and a fabulous jazz band. Here are some pictures from the party afterwards!


We were shooting for a family picture, but the kids wouldn't let us leave Jimmie out!

Looking at our new Mix 92.9 Moose cards!

So, was that enough pictures for you? Wow. On a totally different side note I finally finished the movie COACH CARTER that I started about a week ago and I loved it. Great movie and great story. I love those kind of stories and movies!