Right now as we speak my handy weather website is telling me that it is 100 degrees where I live. 100 degrees. About an hour and a half ago I thought that I would go for a fun little jog outside. I am now the proud owner of a FUEL BELT(although mine is all black and not pink!) and so I thought I could take on the heat and be okay.

I had Aaron drive me 4 miles away from our house and drop me off. When you are riding in the car and you know that you are going to have to run this whole route home it seems like every mile is doubled. I never realized how far four miles was, and really how far it is not. For those of you that know where I live (shhh it's a secret), I was past the square and had to run home. What the heck?! That is too far!

Aaron dropped me off and wished me good luck and I started the trek home. Oh my goodness it seemed so far. All was going well and I decided that I would stop every 10 minutes and drink some water to try and keep hydrated while I ran. Life was good. Ipod was bringing the jams and the heat was burning down on me, but don't worry I have my fuel belt!!

I was about 1 mile into it when I stepped off the curb and heard a pop. It scared me to death and I limped to a walk and just knew that something had popped or broken. I called Aaron (I always run with my cell phone on long runs – I have running shorts with pockets) and told him to come and get me I thought I had hurt myself. I continued to walk and found out that I had not hurt myself, but just scared myself and my ankle was a little sore from the fall, but overall just fine. I continued to run. I continued to get hotter and hotter. 100 degrees will do you in. My fuel belt could not keep me from baking in the heat!!!

The thing is that Aaron had asked me to not to run. He told me I would hurt myself and get way too hot. A part of me could not quit for then he would be right. I couldn't do it, I mean I did have a fuel belt now! I stopped and walked for 5 minutes. I was not tired. I was not out of breath. My legs did not hurt. I was just on fire hot. Then I saw it …. a blue minivan driving slowly towards me. It was Aaron (insert praise music from angels above for my savior from the hot pavement has arrived) and he was asking if I was okay b/c he was about to head home. I thought for about 1 second and decided to swallow my pride and give in. I would die if I tried to finish the last mile in a half.

So, lesson of the day …. DO NOT RUN outside unless it is before 7 am or after 10 pm!!! I have a hard time doing either, so the Y will be my friend again and all runs longer than 5 will be done EARLY on the greenway.