I'm upstairs working and Aaron and the boys are downstairs in the boys room cleaning, packing and sorting, and I've been eavesdropping on their conversations via the baby monitor.  I love when we do this.  It teaches the boys so much about sharing and not having an abundance.  We have never been big on lots of toys.  Call it lack of funds, or being thrifty, but we just don't buy lots of toys.  So, the boys don't have lots of stuff, but they have lots of little crappy pieces of stuff that drive Aaron and I insane.  I would rather have a few big things sometimes, but oh well back to my story ….

So they are packing a box to give away.  They insist on giving all this to Amos & Story and their friends in Haiti.  Aaron told him that we can't send all this to Haiti but we'll give it to other kids here that don't have lots of toys.  They still seem to want it to all go to Amos.  🙂  They already think of their brother and want to share with him.  I love it!  Deacon even brought a toothbrush in from the bathroom that he wants to send to Amos!  When I told him that we'll save it here for him  he then proceeded to brush his teeth with it!  I guess what is Amos' is also Deacon's!

Cayden is very hands on in this process.  We let him pick toys he wants to give away.  For the most part he is very giving with the stuff that he knows he doesn't play with anymore. I love to see his heart and for him to say as he puts them in the box “i don't play with this anymore, and so we can give it to other kids that don't have lots of toys”.

I heard Aaron tell Cayden that we have 10 more night night's in this house and then we're moving to Austin.  What? Only 10??  Oh my goodness?  That excites me so much and scares me so much too!  I have only really had 3 big moves in my life.  I'll save those for another day but I want to share those with you eventually.

So, back to packing!