Before I had four kids I used to think very poorly of moms that would get very excited when school was starting. I thought they were bad moms, and that they didn't love their kids as much as I would love mine. Seriously, how could you be happy your kids were going back to school? It didn't make sense to me.

Now it makes sense.

Today marks 10 days until school starts. I am clearly not counting down. Just giving you the facts.

I am a bit torn up about one of my babies starting kindergarten. Last year nearly put me over the edge with all the drama I went through to prepare my heart and soul for Cayden starting kindergarten. (Here is the post where I wrote about God making it clear where C would go to school.)  And you know what, he did great, loved school, learned a lot and even graduated with only one yellow face the entire year!  This time I'm ready for it.

BUT it's my Amos. He is so fragile. He is still so “new” to so many things.  He is so excited about school and for that I am excited for him.  Today he just realized that I'm taking him to school and leaving him.  He asked what I would do while he was gone.  He thought I would be sleeping.  Ha!  Me take a nap in the middle of the day, NEVER.  🙂


I hate to say it, but I'm excited about having only 2 kids on Mon/Wed/Friday and dare I even say how excited I am for Tues/Thur when I have not one kid with me for 4.5 hours. Yes, 4.5 hours of NO children. What will I do with my time? By the way, don't ask Deacon what he thinks I'll be doing when they are all at school. He thinks I'll be drinking wine and watching movies all day long. Hilarious. Not sure where that comes from.

So, we now only have 10 days left of summer. What shall we do?

Deep Eddy


Head to the Gayharts for one last hoorah

Drew's coming in town & my kids love when Drew is here

Canoe with some friends

maybe get a new dog

Sleeping in every day

finish our first C.S Lewis book