January 12, 2010 all changed & we wondered if he would ever get home.

January 23, 2010 our wait was finally over, and we were given our son in FL.

I can't believe that Amos has been home for ONE WHOLE YEAR. If you would have asked me three months ago, I would have told you that we were barely making it.  Living minute by minute.  Struggling.

Today this boy is a new kid.  He is not the same as when he got here.  He looks different.  He acts different.  He trusts different and even loves differently.

Just recently Shaun Groves announced that him and his wife are adopting and one of his first posts was about loss. The loss that kids go through to get to their forever families.  You may look at Amos and think this kid has it all and should be grateful to have me as a mom and be here finally.  Let me tell you it's not that way.  Although Amos joined his family FINALLY last year, he also left all he has ever known.  He left all the people that have ever loved him.  He left his culture.  He left his country.  He left his family.  He left his “normal” and showed up in ours.  That my friends is hard on a kid. Adoption is pure joy, but there is always loss.  Always.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but this year has been hard.  #1 reason for it being hard was going from 2-3 kids and one going straight to hospital and not liking her dad, then 3 months later adding another kid that was 4.5 and brought his own struggles to the family.  #2 reason was Amos.  Adoption of an older child is hard.  Very hard.

I am so happy to tell you that things are GOOD around here.  I would even say that they are GREAT!  Amos has come miles and miles and miles in the past few months.  He still has miles to go, but we have come a long way my friends!  He is loving us completely and he is accepting our love completely.  I truly believe that he is trusting us with him and his life and his love.  That my friends is huge.  For him to truly truly believe with all his heart that I will never leave him was such a journey for him.

As I tucked him in tonight we talked about this day that was one year ago.  I raved about how happy I was that he was finally home.  Told him for the millionth time that I would never leave him and that we are finally here together forever!  He smiled so big and giggled his silly giggle when he is so excited about something.  We talked about him flying home on that big big airplane and then finally seeing Mama and Papa.  He remembers a lot from that day and I'm so glad he does.  I hope that one day he can watch the videos about his journey and see the love that we have for him and the plan that our God had for him in joining our family.  Little does he know how much his story has affected so many people around the world.  One day we'll tell him!

So today I'm so grateful that my son is home.  Our family is together.  Our family is all in one country.  Our family is complete.  Thank you Jesus for getting my son home when we saw no hope or end in sight.

Here's my blog post that replays that day we waited and waited and waited for Amos.

One of my favorite pictures from that day was my boys anxiously waiting to see their brother.  Apparently Cayden was going for the shag look!

One of my favorite all time pictures.  I LOVE the way Story and Amos are smiling at each other.  They had lived together since a week after Story was born.  When Story came home October 23, they were away from each for 3 months.  Who knows what was going through Amos' mind when she left and he didn't.  I still ask God to heal his heart from that pain.

I also look at this picture and see myself smiling through tears at the sight of all my kids together.  I seriously wondered if it would ever happen.


Yes, Story is dressed up as Thomas the Train.  She has three older brothers, can you blame her?

These two still have a HUGE bond.  It is there and I know it will always be there.  I'm beyond grateful for that and pray that God grows their sibling love leaps and bounds towards each other and their other brothers.