Today the chant around here was ONE MORE NIGHT NIGHT UNTIL WE SEE DADDY!!!! We are so excited. Tonight marks night night #12 with no daddy. The boys miss him like crazy and I am missing him lots too. Deacon has had the hardest time with this separation. He cries for Aaron every night. It is so sad. Tonight as I tucked them in it was so wonderful to say that this was our last night night without daddy!!!

It is 8:30 and the car is packed for a week at the beach, house clean so hopefully it will show while we're gone, and I'm about to eat dinner enjoy a glass of wine and get my booty in bed. Tomorrow morning will come so early for me! When I travel alone with the boys I like to leave EARLY. It makes the day go by so much faster and the boys seem to be cranky a fewer amount of hours in the car. I can't wait to see the boys face in the morning when they see the giant coloring book I have waiting for them in their car seat! I found them weeks ago and knew they would be perfect for a long drive! 🙂 Tomorrow my alarm will go off at 5AM and we should be pulling out of our driveway no later than 5:30!!! Will Starbuck's even be open then??

I CAN NOT wait to see Aaron's face tomorrow!! Oh and a week at the beach isn't too bad either!!! I will drive all day long if the end result is Aaron and a beach for a week! I'll be one happy lady tomorrow when I get to the beach and see my lovers face!!!