We do not have the “normal” husband and wife chore list that most people do have.  I guess since Aaron’s work schedule allows him to spend a lot of time at home with us when he’s not on the road, some of the “normal” stuff that wives do falls under his category.

#1 is that he cooks all the meals when he is home.  Every once in a while I’ll cook.  The problem is I only have a few meals that I know how to cook and feel comfortable cooking.  I fear cooking any type of chicken.  I just know I’m going to not cook it enough and someone will get salmonella.  Anyone else fear this?  I make a great chicken casserole that my mom and grandma have always made.  Don’t worry when I cook the chicken I have my handy meat thermometer out the whole time and make sure the chicken is cooked well above the suggested temp!  My other meal is any kinds of pasta with pasta sauce.  Wow that’s a hard one!  Next is turkey sausage.  This is delicious and my kids love it, but there is nothing hard about warming up some sausage!  I am proud that I even do this one on the grill!  Next is a green bean casserole. Once again the recipe is on the can of green beans, not a hard one!  So, needless to say Aaron does the cooking and does it quite well I might add.

#2 is that Aaron does all the grocery shopping.  He does this for a few reasons.  First is that since he cooks it helps that he shops.  Second I will spend double the money that he would at a grocery store.  He keeps a great grocery budget and sticks to it!  I like to buy everything that is buy one get one free and we end up with LOTS of stuff we don’t need and never eat.  J

At night we do rock-paper-scissors for who does kitchen duty and who does bath duty.  It always depends on what was for dinner as to what you are hoping to win!!!

The rest of the “normal” wife stuff I do, but there is one thing that would “normally” fall under the husband category that I do and love to do.  You see, I LOVE to mow the grass.  I love it.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I love it because I feel like for a few minutes, and literally a few minutes b/c our yard is not very big, I am alone and can think.  I also feel as though I’m getting in a small amount of exercise and I especially feel as though if I throw a tank top on I’m getting a bit of a sun for the day.  J

So, what are your chores that you do that aren’t “normal”?  How do you split up housework with your spouse?